Stalking in Adolescents – An attachment perspective

Stalking in Adolescents – An attachment perspective

Stalking in Adolescents - An attachment perspective

Individual presentation111Nina Champaneri, Sussex, United Kingdom

Room 2AWed 14:00 - 15:30

Stalking in adolescents is currently a poorly researched area and yet the consequences of this behaviour has far reaching effects on individuals, families and society as a whole. This workshop will address the assessment model for stalking in Adolescents and how this might inform intervention to reduce risk from an attachment perspective.Our aim is to understand the presentation, identify risk factors and discuss with the audience to develop a working intervention framework which can be used across all Forensic Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (FCAMHS) services.We will first discuss definitions of harassment and stalking and review the current literature and legislation in the UK on adolescents who exhibit these behaviours.We will look in depth at clinical cases of both male and female stalkers identified from the West Midlands community FCAMHS in the UK to understand the similarities and differences in presentations between the two genders. We will also look at individual profiles of both the stalkers and their victims and identify themes which will aid future recognition of individuals with this pattern of behaviour.Some common themes identified from our current sample include comorbidity with Autism Spectrum Disorder, early attachment difficulties, the link with physical violence and the effect of social media.We hope the workshop will promote discussion but also allow clinicians to develop an understanding of the aetiology of stalking in Adolescents and identify key approaches to intervention.
Co-author: Tina Irani

Assessment and treatment of young and/or adolescent offenders
stalking in adolescent
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